Thursday, July 19, 2007

(News)- Revisiting old Azeroth

Old world content continues to be a hot topic with certain sections of the population -- namely anyone who's prone to leveling alts through Azeroth after spending some time in Outland. So what will you find in the new zones that you won't see in the old?
  • Streamlined quests means that when you're first sent to a zone, you've got a good assortment of quests you can work on. You're rarely sent all over the world to complete a quest. (Flying all over the world isn't really fun -- though it's a good time to go AFK and grab a soda.) And when you're finishing up the quests in a zone, you're conveniently directed to the next appropriate zone.
  • Every zone has an inn and a flightpath for convenient travel -- and most of them have multiples of both.
  • Almost all quests have rewards you want! Looking at Outland quest rewards, even if you don't have a reward that works for you, you can see how it would be useful for certain classes or builds. There are quest rewards in Azeroth that it's hard to tell who might ever want to use them.
But what about Azeroth? There's a lot more levels that need to be done there than there are to be done in Outland. Says CM Vaneras on the EU forms:

Many players have posted ideas and suggestions for ways to revamp Azeroth after the release of the Burning Crusade. But many of those ideas and suggestions posted by some players have been radically different than ideas and suggestions from other players, so at times it can be quite hard to get a good overview of which things in Azeroth people would like to see changed or improved more than other things...

He goes on to ask what change you would make if you could make one change to Azeroth. Now, I sort of think Azeroth needs more than just one change, but if you play on the EU side of things and want to give them your two cents, this thread is the place. Otherwise, you're welcome to let us know what you think in our comments!

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