Thursday, July 19, 2007

(News)-Small Orc shoulders official?

More bad news for us Orc males out there. Ever since the problem with our shoulders showed up, Blizzard has promised, more than once, that it was a bug, and the fix was coming in 2.2. The only problem is that the shoulders haven't actually gone back to normal on the PTR at all. And now, as Kenneth pointed out in a tip (thanks!), the small Orc shoulders have appeared in the official art on Blizzard's armor page. If you flip between the Tier 5 set and the Arena season set 2, you can see that for the newer armor, the official art shows the small, puny shoulders.

Now, this doesn't actually mean that Blizzard is lying to us-- maybe one of their staffers had to get the armor set in, and accidentally used the small shoulder art. But it does at least tell us that Blizzard's right hand isn't talking to their left. And it does give just a little more credence to the conspiracy theorists among us-- why were the shoulders changed in the first place? Is Blizzard trying to stealth nerf those gigantic Orc shoulders?

Admittedly, it's not a huge deal (unless you're a male Orc and extremely proud of your larger than life shoulder armor). But you do have to wonder why Blizzard is being so skittish about this-- are they actually trying to make changes to the art that players just don't agree with? And if it is just a bug, why hasn't it been fixed yet?

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