Thursday, July 19, 2007

(News)-All you need to know about multiboxing

Xzin, certainly World of Warcraft's master of multiboxing and the only one we know of to have reached Warlord rank in PvP with five characters, has been working on a resource to answer all of the questions he receives about mutliboxing and his own setup. It's an excellent getting started guide, but before you get reading, you need to be aware that it's a pricey proposition. If you're wanting to upgrade your current setup to a 5-box configuration, here's what you should plan to spend, according to Xzin:
  • $2000: Four more desktop computers.
  • $600: Four LCD monitors. Thank goodness they're cheap these days.
  • $250: Monitor mounts, to get all of your new LCDs in a position where they're easily visible without needing to swing your head around.
  • $400: Keyboard multicaster(s), which will send the output of one keyboard to multiple computers.
  • $120: KVM, that allows you to swap which computer your keyboard and mouse are sending commands to. (You can get cheaper KVMs these days, but the one Zxin recommends is high quality.)
  • $60: Y-mouse. Allows you to plug multiple keyboards/mice into a single machine.
  • $120: X-keys. Programmable keyboard hotkeys.
  • $400: Keyboard(s).
  • $80: Mice.
  • $200: Four copies of the game and expansion.
This gives you a total of $4280 in expenses before you consider the cost of monthly subscriptions, increased electricity costs, etc... But if multiboxing is something you're interested in trying out, this is the guide to help you get started.

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