Thursday, July 19, 2007

(News)- Blind as a viable form of crowd control

While a Rogue is my highest level alt (heading through Outland as we speak!), I have to admit that I hardly ever use the skill Blind. A 10-second disorient on a 3-minute cooldown (yes, I know the first patch 2.2 notes said it was going to be reduced to a 1-minute cooldown, but that change was reverted)? Perhaps I am a complete newbie of a Rogue, but 10 seconds hardly seems like enough time to accomplish anything, and so the skill sits, collecting dust on a rarely-hit hotkey. However, Doomilias points out that Blind really can be a useful crowd control -- and that ten seconds can make all the difference, both in solo and group play. 10 seconds can give you time to finish off a mob when you've gotten an add, it can give you time to get in some bandaging, in a group situation it can keep a hard-hitting mob off your healers for a few precious seconds. So, Rogues -- do you find Blind to be a useful form of crowd control?

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