Sunday, July 22, 2007

Leave the guild, take the loot

There's an interesting ethical debate (yeah, I know) going on on the WoW General Forum. Null of Nazjatar asks, "If I have lots of dkp and am looking to leave the guild, should I spend it before i gquit?"

A lot of people piped up with opinions on both sides. On one hand, DKP is the "pay" you get for raiding, and the effort you put in should be rewarded. If you put in notice to leave a job, you still get to spend the money you earned, right? On the other hand, blowing your DKP on items that other want and then leaving for a better guild can be seen as unethical. Not only are you leaving your teammates high and try, you took items that could help compensate for your loss and brought them to another guild. I've been present at a few surprise /gquits that took place immediately after a raid where the quitter bid on items, and it's always left a sour taste in my mouth.

I can see both sides here, so I went to my first recourse in WoW debates: my guild. After I reassured them that I was not planning on /gquitting after Kara, six of six people who responded said it was the right of the /gquitter to spend their DKP on upgrades before leaving. Ebolah, a mildly insane officer who is working on five-boxing his third one-class team to 70, put it this way: "If you raid with the guild and earn DKP, you have earned it and should be able to spend it and be rewarded for the time you put in, leaving or not." A warlock, Zorgan, said: "Morally? Probably not, but eh ... I'd bet most people would. I think the simple solutilon is to forward all loots to me. Forever."

Personally, I've never been faced with /gquitting in a raiding guild, so I don't know what I'd do. If I had to guess, I'd probably stop showing up for raids after I'd made the decision to leave, and thus wouldn't have an opportunity to blow my DKP. Is it ethical for someone to blow their DKP if they've already decided to leave the guild?

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