Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A BlizzCon packing list

Elizabeth's guide about what to bring and what not to bring onto the show floor at BlizzCon was helpful, but if you only brought what she suggested, you'd show up naked and without your ID. Those of us packing right now to travel across the country and spend the weekend in Anaheim need a little more guidance than that!

And so we've put together a checklist, so you can make sure that from the second you leave your hometown to the second you return, you're well equipped for everything you need to make this BlizzCon perfect. The checklist, perfect for cutting, pasting, and printing as you pack, starts right after the jump.
The Bare Necessities

_ At least one change of clothes for each day you're gone.

_ Your handmade Naga costume doesn't strictly count as a set of clothing, although you may want to bring a more formal change for the final concert-- it is a classical music show. Then again, Jay Mohr is performing, so it might not be that formal after all.

_ A pair of comfortable walking shoes (Goblin Rocket Boots are helpful, but too uncomfortable to wear all the time)

_ Leave the umbrella at home-- Anaheim weather looks sunny and warm all weekend long. Not that it'll matter in the Convention Center, but there is that space between the hotel and the convention...

_ Your wallet or purse has to come, and make sure to pack it with plenty of cash (or traveler's checks, if you're more responsible), not only for various food purchases, but also to procure drinks at the Official WoW Insider party.

_ Hopefully this is in the last item, but don't forget your ACTUAL CREDIT CARD that you used to purchase your ticket on the website (caps courtesy of the BlizzCon Registration folks). Badges aren't being mailed out-- you have to pick them up at registration on Thursday, and you need that credit card to get yours.

_ Your camera is a necessary item. Pics or it didn't happen! Videocameras are also welcome, we're told, as long as you're not pirating footage of upcoming games.

_ And this varies for everyone, but you probably shouldn't forget the chargers-- charge your phone, charge your iPod, charge your camera's batteries, charge your laptop.

_ And if you're flying, you may need your plane tickets.

Entertain Yourself

_ You'll need something to do on the plane ride out there, so maybe catch up on the War of the Ancients Trilogy?

_ If you've got the WoW board game or the WoW TCG cards, bring 'em. Not only will this be your best chance ever to find someone to play with, but most people won't laugh at you for owning them in the first place. Until your back is turned, anyway.

_ And as Elizabeth suggested, there is no better way to entertain yourself in line at a videogame convention than a Nintendo DS, or, if you must, a PSP.

_ While you won't be able to bring your laptop into the convention center itself, you may want to bring it anyway-- how else will you check WoW Insider for the latest updates to what's happening around Anaheim?

_ And I don't go anywhere without my iPod (or mp3 player), either down the street or across the country.

Blizzard Worship

_ Don't forget to pack your BlizzCon 2005 T-shirt, so others who were there with you can nod to each other knowingly.

_ If you were lucky enough to grab a collectors edition of either the original game or BC, bring the included soundtracks and DVDs with you. Not only will it help you recognize devs when you see them, but you'll have it ready for signage when it happens.

_ You could bring your game CDs for that same reason, but that's a risk I'm not interested in taking.

_ And don't forget flowers and chocolates for our beloved CMs. They could probably use 'em.

I think that's everything I'm bringing. What else should be on the list for the trip to BlizzCon?

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