Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Forum post of the day: BlizzCon etiquette tips

It seems like everyone's getting prepared for BlizzCon these days. As a member of the prestigious Too Broke To Fly Out To California club, I have to content myself with reading forum posts and leaked information from my colleagues. But for those of you that are actually going, Adriss's "Helpful Blizzcon etiquette tips" can help you avoid embarassment in front of your guildmates:
  • Upon meeting a blood elf or dwarf it is considered impolite to ask them if they would qualify for the reality show "Intervention."
  • It is impolite to refer to any member of the Forsaken as a zombie. Zombies are undead, flesh-eating humans created by George A. Romero. The Forsaken, are undead, flesh-eating humans created by the Lich King.
  • When meeting a Dev. ask an original and creative question. For instance, instead of being the 40, 599, 600th person to ask "When you fellas gonna open the instance in SW?", ask something like, "Why don't tailors have a recipe to make me a new pair of underwear?"
  • Wait at least a day after the convention to post your swag on any Internet Auction site. That way you can see how much people are truly willing to pay for a code that makes their char. run around in a fish man suit.

Do you have any handy etiquette tips for BlizzCon? Other than showering?

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