Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WoW Moviewatch: The Legend of Stalvan

If you have an Alliance toon, one of your early extensive quest chains was probably The Legend of Stalvan out of Duskwood. This series of quests had you running over much of the lands south of Stormwind as you learned of the bloody massacre of travelling nobles at the hand of Stalvan Mistmantle. The quest culminated in gathering a few random players and camping the spawn point for the undead Stalvan. And then trying to find a cure for that annoying curse he puts on you before you put him back in the ground.

An enterprising Machinimist has put together a movie that tells the tragic tale of what drove Stalvan to his unforgivable deed. The production value is excellent. The use of the WoW Modeler and WoW Map Viewer is put to exceptional use. There is also wonderful use of defocus to draw your eye to different parts of the screen. My only complaint is the heavy Scottish accent of the narrator. Remember a little dwarf goes a long way.

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