Friday, August 24, 2007

Haste and the need for speed

There's been a lot of talk lately about the recent change to haste rating on the PTR. Melee classes are upset because the effects of melee haste rating has been nerfed by about a third, while caster classes are enjoying a buff to their spell haste rating.

Many players are arguing that the haste nerf for melee classes is unnecessary -- and while I tend to agree, it's hard to argue when rogues like Furi (who completed his legendary sword set earlier this month), or a Fury Warrior like Svag are cracking 3000 DPS in some fights all on their own. These players are specced and geared to take full advantage of haste rating

I'm in a modest guild that's raiding Kara, and our total DPS output is usually around 2200-2500. When one player can crank out more damage than a 10 man raid (even if they're geared out and buffed), something seems to be wrong. Maybe this haste change is for the best -- but it's pretty devastating to any melee class that depends on white damage for DPS.

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