Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Money Making Guide for World of Warcraft

when you make a new charcter make your professions fishing cooking start fishing in low level fishing areas then cook the fish it will be getting your cooking higher and your fishing higher once your fishing hits 170 go to stranglethorn vale make sure your at least 30 before you go there then go to wild shore its a 40 area so before careful then keep travling by the water so you wont die from a 40 tell you see a floating wrekage then fish in it some times you get greens the greens are for level 40 and up keep doing this for a long time dont destroy anything you get from the wreckage when your fishing in them you hav ea good chance of getting a chest dont worry you dont have to pick pocket it you also get beer in the wreckages as soon as you do this go sell the stuff in auction house the greens should be worth like 10 gold if you happen to find a necklace then sell it for 20 gold they are really rare or you can just say WTS then link in the name of the necklace for cooking try to get deviate delight recipe in AH with the money you have as soon as you get it go to the oasis in the barrens then fish for deviate fish and then by mild spices get at least 20 deviate fish then go to any major city and sell it in AH for 20 WoW Gold. now you have enough money to get a mount.

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