Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are you tired of reskinned items yet?

Reading this post from the general forums, I was reminded of my own experiences in trying to collect the reskinned version of Wrath for both my human and my tauren. Personally, I have always been among the minority that loved Wrath as a set for its looks... I mean, come on, that looks pretty badass on a tauren. While I personally enjoyed being able to go back and get the looks of a set I didn't manage to complete (damn you, Nefarian, why wouldn't you drop that breastplate) I can understand people wanting to get away from some sets... there are how many shoulders out there now that look like Dragonstalker, again?

What sets are you glad to see back? What sets should they have retired the graphics forever? (I know a lot of you will say Wrath. You're mean.) Would anyone want to see a high-end blue or purple level 70 reskin of Dreadnaught or Plagueheart? It does make me wonder what, exactly, they'll have the bosses in a re-tuned Naxxramas in the expansion.

Are you tired of the old skins or happy to see old friends?

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