Thursday, July 12, 2007

(News)-This week in the Arena

Players participating in Arena PvP get more than cool prizes -- the top 0.5% of participating teams are also going to be immortalized in Blizzard's Hall of Fame. And the top teams from season one have just shown up.

Also, the second qualifying round for the 2v2 Championship Gaming Series has begun. The live CGS tournament will be taking place at BlizzCon in August -- and everyone here at WoW Insider wishes the competing teams the best of luck.

And finally in Arena news for the week, we've got stats on the top 20 US Arena teams compiled by Caster. The data, as always, is interesting (if a bit disheartening for some classes). Here's the basic class breakdown, but for more details on precise numbers of each class and talent spec breakdowns, check the original post.

5v5 Arenas

*Paladin: 18%
*Priest: 14%
*Shaman: 12%
*Mage: 12%
*Warlock: 11%
*Rogue: 6%
*Hunter: 5%
*Druid: 4%
3v3 Arenas

*Warrior: 16%
*Priest: 15%
*Paladin: 15%
*Warlock: 14%
*Mage: 13%
*Rogue: 12%
*Shaman: 8%
*Druid: 6%
*Hunter: 2%
2v2 Arenas

*Warlock: 21%
*Priest: 15%
*Paladin: 15%
*Warrior: 14%
*Rogue: 13%
*Druid: 9%
*Mage: 5%
*Shaman: 5%
*Hunter: 2%

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