Thursday, July 12, 2007

(News)-Does Karazhan need a shorter reset timer?

At present, Karazhan every 7 days, but some players are complaining that this is just too long. Says Whitesteel, who started a recent thread on the subject:

A full clear of Kara now takes about 3-4 hours with a decent group and I have even been in pugs that clear the whole thing in under 5 hours yet we still have to wait an entire week to go in again... Wouldn't it make more sense to allow players to run this instance twice a week like ZG and AQ20 were done to keep them interested and get them geared more efficiently to progress onto newer content?

And with the coming release of Zul'Aman (which you'll want to have Karazhan gear going in to), I can see his point. In a response from Drysc, we get nothing definitive, but do learn that Blizzard is considering it.

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