Tuesday, July 17, 2007

(News)-New BOP jewelcrafting gems in 2.2

More and more, people are choosing their professions for the top-level Bind on Pickup items. Blacksmiths have their awesome weapons, tailors have their superior spell damage sets, leatherworkers get admittedly mediocre leather sets, engineers can make neat helmets, and enchanters can enchant their own rings. You don't hear too much about the alchemy and jewelcrafting BOPs, though, because they're fair to middling. Alchemists can make the Alchemist's Stone, which is situational for most classes who aren't druids or shamans, and jewelcrafters have a selection of interesting trinkets.

World of Raids has discovered that the 2.2 patch seems to have introduced special BOP gems for jewelcrafters that essentially enable them to make extremely powerful epic gems from regular blue jewels. However, the gems are unique-equipped, so you can only socket one in your gear at any one time. For example, the 18 stamina Falling Star, which requires revered reputation with the Consortium and can be made from the blue gem Star of Elune, actually outstrips the Black Temple gem Solid Empyream Sapphire, which is 15 stamina.

Predictably, this has caused complaining from non-jewelcrafters, many of whom believe the profession is already too profitable and doesn't deserve the extra BOP stuff. But considering that you can only have one of each gem socketed and you can't sell these gems, the overall BOP benefit from being a jewelcrafter is relatively minor -- certainly more minor than that Deep Thunder you're swinging around.

What do you think about this change?

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