Tuesday, July 17, 2007

(News)-looting bug on Shartuul event

I don't post often on these forums, but what happened tonight left me pretty upset.

I was doing the Shartuul's Transporter solo event in Ogri'la (the event where you control demons to eventually kill the powerful boss, Shartuul). During this time I saw two alliance members, Pownzored and Dwarfof ages, watching me on their mounts. I thought nothing of this because it is fairly common.

I finally got Shartuul to spawn, and while I was casting a spell on him, the warrior Dwarfof ages charged and immediately got the tag on Shartuul. Shartuul became grey to me, so I immediately ice blocked to try to get the two grouped members to die, giving me the tag on Shartuul. I thought it had worked because Shartuul's name plate became colored again (meaning I had the tag), so I killed Shartuul and was able to loot him.

...Suddenly, when I looted Shartuul a party "need or greed" box came up for the Depleted Dagger I had rightfully earned. I rolled need, and the two alliance also rolled need, won the dagger, and left.

Not only did they deliberately knew what they were doing (clearly shown by their need roll), this is a huge exploit; how could two alliance and horde be in a party and roll on an item?

Let this be a warning to anyone who does the Shartuul's transporter event. It is not safe when greedy and inconsiderate people are nearby.

As for Dwarfof ages and Pownzored, you can be sure I will contact a GM to bring you two down. If these two individuals are in a guild, let it be known to the guild leader that these 2 people are conniving, scamming people who would probably ninja raid or guild items if they were given the chance.

UPDATE: According to GM Poyule, I'm apparently the "thief" and the one at fault because I had no right to roll on their mob. No action will be taken against the two and my item will not be restored, because it is rightfully theirs. F*** you Blizzard. Now that I know Shartuul is an "outdoor boss" whom anyone can rightfully tag, you can bet i'll be there to claim loot for my own.

EDIT: I hate forum filters. Name of the warrior: Dwarfof ages
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