Monday, July 30, 2007

WoW board game makers will be at Blizzcon

Fantasy Flight Games, makers of the WoW board game, have announced what they're going to be up to at BlizzCon, just a few days away. The game's creators will be around, and they'll be showing off the game, as well as the Burning Crusade expansion, which apparently adds new heroes and new monsters into the mix. FFG will also be showing off Starcraft: The Board Game, which is set to be released sometime later this year.

And, perhaps most exciting, they'll also be giving out a special BlizzCon mini-expansion, with custom sets of armor for each of the nine classes, and even a Murloc suit! No idea what a Murloc suit will do for you in a board game, but it doesn't do much for you in the MMO either, and we all want one of those, right?

If you're a fan of the Board Game or just want to be one (I wouldn't mind checking it out for sure), be sure to check out the FFG booth in the Exhibit Hall at Blizzcon.

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