Monday, July 30, 2007

Epic mount price drop rumors

Some people are passing the rumor around that the Epic Flying Mount prices have dropped to 3000g on the PTR. This is not true. The price is still 5000g and will probably remain so until there is another expansion or later. Drysc confirms:

Depending on how mount riding skills are going to progress, the most likely point for a price drop would be with the release of the next expansion, just as the ground mount prices dropped when Burning Crusade was released. Again it would likely depend on a few factors, and may actually not change. But that's a question for a later time.

Three days have passed since Quiham first posted this topic and it is still on the front page of the WoW General Discussion Forum, so this is a hot topic.

Do you think, as Mike does, that the current Epic Flying Mount price is too steep? Or are you happy that only the privileged few have them? Or do you agree with many of the posters, that the "privileged few" = "players with no life outside WoW"?

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