Sunday, July 29, 2007

Confirmation of new content to be played at BlizzCon

So I opened up my email Friday evening to an interesting message from the BlizzCon people. The majority of the email was on information I already knew, where to pick up badges, etc. And then I hit the bombshell. They let me know that I will be able to copy my own character over to a test server in order to test new World of Warcraft content. This to me is the first major confirmation of what we already know: that a new expansion will be announced next Friday. Unless, of course, the only new content will be Zul'Aman, in which case Amanda will cry bitter, salty tears into her flat convention soda.

The last time we played new content (specifically Ahn'Quiraj) at BlizzCon 2005, we were able to select from a set of pre-made characters, and these will also be available at the convention next week. But I do like the idea of being able to play with my own character, to explore new content as my own magey self. What do you think? Those of you with PTR experience, are there any disadvantages to playing your own characters with new content?

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