Sunday, July 29, 2007

BlizzCon Countdown: 7 days to go!

Ah, BlizzCon. Two solid days of all-Blizzard-all-the-time entertainment is coming your way next week. And even if you can't be there yourself, you can expect full coverage of everything happening on the show floor to be here on WoW Insider -- so be prepared to live vicariously through our videos and photo galleries. (I've got 1000 pictures worth of storage for my digital camera -- but the question is whether that will be enough!) But while we're waiting for the convention to begin, we're scratching the days off on our calendar and thinking about what we're going to see when it all begins. Yesterday, we asked you what feature you most wanted to see in the expansion, and an overwhelming number of you answered that what you most wanted was either new classes or hero classes.

So today, let's continue that thought. I won't try to make a poll for today's discussion, because there are simply too many possibilities. Instead I'll just ask: what do you want to see from a new class in World of Warcraft? Or a Hero class?

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