Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Roundup of expansion possibilities

While we'll know for certain what the next expansion will be in just a few more days, it's hard to stop speculating. Right now we've got lots of evidence supporting the idea of a Northrend expansion (there's the music, as well as some excellent supporting facts), but we've also got unnamed sources suggesting the next expansion will send us into the Maelstrom currently located between Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. But for those of you still wishing to speculate, BlizzPlanet has a list of potential expansion candidates, and WoWWiki has an excellent list as well, though theirs ranges into perhaps more far-fetched suggestions.
  • Obviously, there's Northrend, which contains 13 distinct regions,
  • then there's the South Seas, 5 islands located off the southern coast of the Eastern Kingdoms (and include Zandalar, which I must note already exists in the game) -- on one of these isles you'll find the well-known Goblin city of Undermine,
  • then there are a number of other islands located in the Great Sea: Kul'Tiras, Tol Barad, Crestfall, Zul'Dare, Dragon Isle, Balor, and Pandaria,
  • the Emerald Dream, which could be as large as Azeroth itself.
However, considering the size of the last expansion, it would not be impossible for Blizzard to, perhaps, pick more than one of these ideas to implement. Perhaps Northrend will focus on new end-game content while the South Seas will provide new mid-range content? We'll find out soon!

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