Monday, August 13, 2007

Reader WoWspace of the Week: Facecake

This week's Reader WoWspace of the Week comes to us courtesy of Facecake, a level 70 Night Elf Hunter with the guild on Kul'Tiras, EU. Much like last week's Reader WoWspace, Facecake is also sporting a great big TV in his WoWspace. Unlike Taeo, however, Facecake appears to be actually using it as a TV with two monitors below it instead of as his primary monitor for gaming. For those curious about the setup in this week's Reader WoWspace, then check out the details and more pictures (with a bit less glare) after the jump!
Facecake was kind enough to send several pictures this week so we can enjoy the nice clean WoWspace he spends his time gaming in. He let me know that his guild, Repentance, is currently in Tempest Keep and working their way through The Eye. (They were past Void Reaver when I got the original mail a couple of weeks ago.) When not spending time in WoW and raiding with his guild, Facecake lives and works in Nottingham (UK), and probably has to deal with tourists asking horribly silly questions about Robin Hood.

For now, here's Facecake with the rest of the information on his setup:
My setup basically gives me everything I need. I have my Acer HDTV with SkyHD so I have something to do while I am waiting for the 15 minute mark of death de-buff to go away. This is also hooked up-to my PC, so I can just lean back and switch WoW onto the big screen. However, to do tend to watch TV more.
I also run two accounts and sometimes dual box on my Acer 19" TFT monitors, which is great fun when I'm playing my Gnome Mage twinks. (2x Pyroblast Crit = FUN) My computer consists of an e6600 core 2 duo processor, 4 gigabytes of ram and an 8800GTX graphics card. These processors are great for over-clocking and some insane speeds can be had with the correct cooling.

I also have a mass DVD collection as you can see part of it in the picture, which is handy for watching when waiting on guild invites. Once in a raid, I have the trusty iPod available for my Enya collection when people get a little heated on Ventrillo mid-raid. :-)
On an aside, I have to wonder if playing Enya at people mid-raid over Vent wouldn't qualify as "Cruel and Unusual treatment" myself. I'm pretty sure in my guild at least, it would earn me a universal mute for a few minutes!
Be that as it may, it is certainly a nice setup with tons of screen real-estate goodness. I have to admit, the idea of catching up on some of the Dr. Who episodes I've missed while waiting for raids to start up would be nice. (Of course, Facecake seems to like watching Big Brother.) That said, I think this is the first time I've seen a copy of Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time so close to a copy of Deuce Bigalow. Of course, since Facecake also has cool films like Donnie Darko and the Star Wars saga tucked in there, we'll figure whoever has the desk next to his put that movie in there when he wasn't looking. ;)

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