Monday, August 20, 2007

Reader UI of the Week: Justo

This week's Reader UI of the Week submission is from Justo, level 70 Dwarven Hunter from the guild on the Aerie Peak PVE server. As he told me in his note to me (short and sweet, but full of the important information) he likes to call this setup "controlled clutter" because he just likes to have lots of information on-screen at all times.

For those who are curious to see this UI in action, as well as Justo's listing of the mods he uses and what their different purposes are, check out the run-down he sent me after the jump!
My UI is set up at a 1680x1050 resolution on a 20 inch wide-screen LCD Sceptre monitor. The theme for my UI is what I like to call "controlled clutter." I like simplicity, but at the same time I LOVE information and availability. This UI allows [me to have] everything I have hot keyed and/or clickable to be out in the open. [That way] It is available for quick use while still leaving plenty of screen room to see everything.

My list of add-ons

  • AG Unitframes - Very nice looking unit frame add-on. I like its designability and I LOVE the 3-D portraits.
  • Bongos2 - This allows for the movement and creation of all your bars. You can create pretty much as many bars as you want, in any length that you want. You can also scale the bars to make them as big or small as you want.
  • Item rack - This mod lets you switch between gear sets with the click of whatever hot key you assign it.
  • Fubar - Yeah, I have like 9 thousand plug-ins for Fubar so I'm not gonna name them all. Lots of little tidbits of information there.
  • Tracker dial - As a hunter this mod is gold. Just mouse over the tracking icon on the mini-map and it shows everything you are capable of tracking. After you select something, it hides itself again.
  • CT Raid Assist - I only use it for main tank windows in raids.
  • Deadly Boss Mods - A really good boss mod, but I only use it for the BG timer bars that it has.
  • Big Wigs Boss Mods - Yet another boss mods that I personally like better than Deadly. This is my main boss mod.
  • Atlas/Atlasloot enhanced - This is an absolute no-brainer. Wanna know what boss drops what loot? Click and explore....
  • CT Mod - Just an assortment of most of the mods CT offers on their main site. Too many to name.
  • Omnicc - The best cool-down counter I have ever seen. It shows numerical cool-downs on any bar you have. When something cools down, it flashes brightly so you are sure to not miss it.
  • Improved Error Frame - This mod shows any error messages you get in a clickable mini-map button instead of blowing up your screen in the middle of something important.
  • Answering machine plus - When you go /afk this records any whispers and auction house messages you received.
  • Auctioneer - I only use it for the tool tip pricing, but this allows you to post on the AH a little easier.
  • Bank Items - This mod shows your bank and equipped items on any character you have on any realm, FROM any character on any realm. Ever been on an alt and someone asked if you had something they needed on your main? No more switching over to find out.
  • Advanced Trade-skill Window - Allows you to customize what you can make with your professions. I have all mine alphabetized.
  • Hunter range - Shows how far away from your target you are.
  • Improved Buff Timers - Shows minutes and seconds on the blizzard default buff icons.
  • KHunterTimers - Timer bars for everything hunter.
  • Rating Buster - This mod compares stats and percentages form linked/viewed items with what you currently have equipped. VERY helpful in gear selection.
  • Sct/Sctd - Scrolling combat text and scrolling combat text damage. Puts all damage and combat info above your head.
  • KTM Threatmeter - Shows a bar graph of threat levels. No more "wtf Justo you pulled aggro, GAWD!" :)
  • Meuhmeuh Feign Death Resist Bell - This mod plays an obnoxious bell sound when your FD gets resisted. Patch 2.0 broke it and the developer never fixed it, so i took it upon myself back then to fix it and post it up on Curse.

While I love having lots of information myself, I have to admit, having that much on screen for me would probably be overload. There again, my main is a Rogue, so I don't have to juggle nearly as much as a good Hunter most likely does. (Between pets, traps, kiting, etc.) Of course, I have to admit, I'm digging the idea of the Bank Items mod, and may very well have to run off and check that one out for myself.

If you'd like to show off your UI, feel free to send it in with either a long description, or a short and sweet breakdown of mods and a quick note about you and why you designed your UI like you did. I look forward to hearing from you!

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