Saturday, August 11, 2007

PTR Notes: Changes for 8/10

More PTR changes! Hooray! This time it's the US forums that have the newest notes, which appear to have been changed from the last version only in the Professions and Quests sections. Here are the modifications:
  • [Jewelcrafting] A new recipe for Steady Talasite is now available from the Halaa vendors, at the cost of research tokens. This superior green gem grants resilience and stamina.
  • [Blacksmithing] Added a new recipe for Ragesteel Shoulders that drops from an unknown creature in Shadowmoon Valley.
  • [Blacksmithing] Reduced the number of pieces required to get the benefits of the Ragesteel set bonus.
  • [Engineering] Reduced the cooldown on the engineer-made Parachute Cloak.
  • Quests:
    • Banish the Demons now rewards either a Darkrune or a Fragmented Darkrune. Five fragmented Darkrunes can be combined to create a Darkrune.
    • In the Bomb Them Again quest, the cooldown of the Skyguard bombs was decreased to 5 seconds (was 10).
    • In the Relic's Emanation quest, the money reward was decreased while the Ogri'la faction reward was increased.
No major changes, then. Go forth and test the voice chat!

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