Wednesday, August 29, 2007

make money in lowbie instance (Warcraft guilds)

You could probably make a little more if you are alliance, but should be easy with either. Having skinning will make it go a lot faster too, I would think you would need to be level 35+. You will need someone with at least level 10 and 115 leatherworking too, you could make a mule yourself easily and get that skill level.

Rest is pretty simple, head over to Wailing Caverns do the quest send receipe to the mule then grind the instance, collect 10 perfect deviate scales and 10 deviate scales, send to leatherworking mule, make belt and sell to rich rogue twinks for anything from 20-50g. Reset instance and repeat, good thing is you will never run into the instance limit as will take you longer than 12 mins to complete it

I've never seen these for sale on the alliance AH. I saw a twink the other day, theres even a few guilds of them with all the blue stuff (barb, lynx, blackened) but he didn't have this belt so hopefully theres a market for them.

I wasn't there for long but picked up 3 perfect and 7 deviate, bags got full though, alot of lvl 11-12 greens dropped that I sold, not a great deal of money in it though. I didn't find the quest guy but apparently theres a vendor near him so that good for unloading junk, trouble with skinning you have to loot everything.

Of course only list one at a time, also if you get close to 50g (don't know how possible this is!) for one belt I would imagine other ppl will start grinding for them, in that respect I don't know when the best time to list them would be?

Nearest base for horde is obviously Crossroads, easy for them to send stuff off or sell, nearest mailbox for alliance seems to be astranaar? Feel free to add anything to increase profits! (may be worth picking up enchanting to de stuff, probably for horde as base close and can send off dusts) Ready for the next level? We recommend The MMORPG Exchange for your WoW Gold needs. MMORPG-Exchange has supplied us for years and has great customer service and 24/7 instant delivery. Check them out! World of Warcraft Gold delivered instantly!

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