Thursday, August 9, 2007

LFG releases teaser, promises feature length film

Here's some really interesting news from the guys who make the popular Looking For Group comic: a feature film is in the works. Sohmer, who runs Blind Ferret Entertainment (which is also working on projects for PvP and Ctrl-Alt-Delete), says that the company is going to make a "75-80 minute feature film" (animated, of course) starring the LFG gang.

And the piece above is a "teaser" for the movie, tentatively titled "LFG: The Origin of Dick." (The character in the video above, if you haven't read the comic, is named Richard). No word on whether the whole movie will consist of songs, or song parodies, but the short is pretty well done, and so if that's any indication, the full-length movie will be a good time. Not to mention quite an achievement-- are there any other online comics that have gone on to support a feature film? I can't think of any.

Of course, that's assuming the comic can actually support it. We'll find out when it releases-- Blind Ferret says they're targeting it for late 2008.

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