Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Guildwatch: A turn for the worse

I've seen some pretty harsh drama here on Guildwatch, but this week it seems like all the drama just got turned up to 11, and it's gone from being fun to just plain being lame. I don't want to ruin the fun (and hopefully next week we'll get some good old ninja looting news to laugh at), but it's just a game, folks. Hate to see people get hurt over any of this stuff.

At any rate, you can find this week's guild drama, downed, and recruiting notices right after the jump. If you do have a good story to share, make sure to send it to Click the link below to read on.

  • I can't tell if this is downed news, or drama trash talking, but it's from my home server of Thunderhorn-H, so I'm printing it anyway. Apparently Shadow Command raids Karazhan at a bad time for 5 of their players, so those five grabbed some folks from both forsakens finest, The Warlords and Gothic Bunnies, and went to raid Karazhan together. For a bunch of them, it was actually their first time in Karazhan, and they made it all the way up to Illhoof. The drama part? Apparently that's farther than Shadow Command ever got by themselves. Ouch.
  • Watch live, as a funny "hey old friend" thread turns into a trashtalk fest.
  • Apparently the guild leaders of Live to Win on Maelstrom think it's fine to kick people out of a PUG for their guildies. I think it's fine to only group with guildies, but to get people in a PUG and then kick them just to bring your guildie in? Lame.
  • Just in case you missed it, lots of people sent word of the crazy Gilgamesh drama that went down on the forums earlier this week. You can read all about it over on Elizabeth's post about infidelity. Usually WoW drama is just funny, but when people start getting hurt like that, it just gets depressing.
  • And speaking of depressing, here's pretty much the worst thing I've seen yet: Over on the Uldum forums, someone named Birdd dropped a scary/dumb-if-it's-fake post that really got people riled up. The topic has been deleted, but the original post was a guy saying goodbye to everyone on the server and saying he "wont be waking up tommrow" (sic). He ended his post with "1990-2007." Immediately, people started posting that if it was a joke, it was a sick one, and if it was real, that something terrible was going down. As far as I know, no one has said what really happened yet, but other threads have sprung up on the forums about Birdd and his post, and the issue is looking more serious all the time. Sad story.
  • Monolith on Durotan-A dropped both Magtheridon and the Lurker Below for guild firsts! Grats!
  • Word is that Ascensio on Malfurion-A has been tearing up SSC and TK-- Al'ar and Tidewalker dropped one week, and Fathom-lord and Leotheras were next. Awesome.
  • Not Dead Yet on Dragonblight-A downed Gruul after a few 1% attempts last Monday, and then they one-shotted him the next night. Rocking!
  • Order of the Raven on Aggramar-A dropped Vashj for a server-first (see pic above). One boss left till Hyjal, they say.
  • Disbanded Revelation of Durotan-A saw their group 2 clear all of Karazhan but Netherspite and the animal bosses the other night (and the animal bosses don't really count anyway). Nice job, guys!
  • Ghost on Nerzhul dropped Mag after working on him for three weeks. And they only had 2 deads (which means no flawless victory, but a kill is a kill). Grats!
  • Avarice on Deathwing-H has dropped Gruul, even though they're only a week old. Also, they're still seeking two Prot Warriors, 2 Resto Shaman and a Resto Druid, and 2 Mages.
  • àmbrotos on Agamaggan-H dropped Mag with a one-shot. Congrats!
  • The Attunend on EU Earthen Ring, have taken down the Curator, and they can hear the Shade of Aran sitting up in his room pacing back and forth, worried what will happen when they show up.
  • PainTrain on Silvermoon-US (which wins the honorary Worst Guild Name award, but only because they asked nicely) didn't expect to drop Curator at all-- but on the last try of the night, they did. Very cool. They're also seeking healers or great players of any class.
  • Miskatonic on Cenarius-H cleared out Karazhan, and then decided they were so badass that they joined up with Awry to kill off Maulgar and Gruul. Whoah.
  • Catalyst on Feathermoon got a server first kill of Illidan-- one of the Warglaives dropped and went to a Rogue that everyone envies now.
  • Silent Assassins on Baelgun needs healers, stat! See what I did there? Seriously though, they need a great healer for their Karazhan group 1, and could use a few more to fill out groups 2 and 3.
  • HMS Dawntreader on Silvermoon-A is pressganging (apparently that means recruiting, so it's not as dirty as I thought) pre-60s, so if you haven't hit the old Azeroth raids yet, they are the group for you. They want to help each other level to 60, and then do the old raids the way they were meant to be done. Good luck, guys!
  • Love this tagline: "Looking to start over? Get in Trouble." They're a guild on Auchindoun-A that's taking on rerolls, in order to create a fun, drama-free guild environment. Join them if you want-- you don't even have to transfer!
  • Clandestine on Gnomeregan-A is looking for exceptional players of all classes, but especially Shammys,Shadow Priests and Warlocks for Mag and beyond (they've already got Karazhan and Gruul on farm).
  • Self Titled on Mal'Ganis-A (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is looking for two warlocks for 25-man raiding.
  • Reforged on Runetotem is also recruiting a Mage, Warlock, Warrior, and a Shadow Priest to fill out somewhat spotty attendance on raids. Be Kara-geared or better, please, or at least ready to work for it.
  • Asylum on Aerie Peak EU has been mentioned on Guildwatch before, but they want you to know that they just need a few more for Karazhan and Heroics. They're almost there-- join them and help out, won't you?
  • Mutiny on Gorgonnash-A is recruiting-- they're a reformed guild, and looking to get back into Kara asap!
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