Friday, August 31, 2007

The ganking challenge: Deathwing edition

We've already reported this week on new and exciting ways that players are coming up with to PvP, and it looks like another interesting and possibly unique challenge is taking place over on the Deathwing server. Ruzai, the creator of this thread over on the Deathwing forums that explains the details, calls it "The Ganking Challenge."

It seems to have generated lots of interest, and sounds very fun! It's world PvP based, obviously, but it provides enough structure and basic rules to turn ganking into a game. Here's a quick overview:
  • There are 3 targets at a time.
  • Post a screenshot of your kill, and then pick 3 new targets from your own faction.
  • All targets must be level 70 and not in a BG.
  • You can't tell the targets that they're being hunted.
  • Playing dirty is encouraged.
  • Example: Targets are now Narkan, Pacsan, and Mitsuomi. If Volarun was to come into Orgrimmar and gank Narkan and post a SS proving the kill, the Horde hunt would end and Volarun would get to choose 3 new alliance targets.
There are further details in the thread if you're interested, but I would love to have this challenge come to my server! I especially like that the active targets switch from Horde to Alliance after every kill, as it gives each side a chance at being the predator and the prey.

[ Thanks, Craver! ]

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