Saturday, August 11, 2007

Forum post of the day: What do potions taste like?

Well, this is definitely something I've never thought about before. Corntrollio of Laughing Skull asks the forums, "Ever wonder what mana or healing potions taste like? What do you imagine them tasting like?"

After thinking about this a little, I realized that I actually do sort of subscribe a taste to potions based on their color. Mana pots are blue raspberry Icees, health pots are strawberry daquiris, and all the little yellow elixirs that I constantly drink as a rogue are Mountain Dew (it gives you energy!)

Other suggestions for potion taste include:

  • Major Dreamless Sleep Potion: Nyquil
  • Ironshield Potion: Soy sauce ("you give me someone who after taking in 900000% of their daily sodium DOES NOT think they can attack a giant fire giant, AND WIN, and I show you a better man.")
  • Adept's Elixir: Midori
  • Noggenfogger Elixir: Smirnoff and apple Pucker
  • Elixir of Major Defense: Black licorice
  • Fel Regeneration Potion: Burning

There were many suggestions, but in the end, Jivursa of Dalaran won the thread with "I believe they must taste pretty bad. After all, even if my LIFE DEPENDED ON IT I could not bring myself to drink another until 2 minutes had passed." What do you think potions taste like?

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