Wednesday, August 1, 2007

BlizzCon Countdown: 4 days to go!

Are you excited yet? In just a few short days we'll be hearing all of the exciting news Blizzard has been sitting on these past few months. We're going to be hearing all sorts of news about StarCraft II, the next big thing (or things!) for World of Warcraft, and who knows what else Blizzard might have in store for us. Just yesterday we got an official schedule of events. So for those of you attending, I ask which panels and events are you most excited about seeing? And to those who won't be making it out to the convention, I ask which events do you most want us to get you video coverage of? (Of course we're going to cover as much as we can, but it's a big convention, and we have a limited number of people with cameras!) So tell us: what can't you wait to see?

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