Thursday, July 26, 2007

WarCry on Zul'Aman and "logical loot"

The Zul'Aman preview information just doesn't stop. WarCry has a fairly in-depth rundown of the place which contains the following information of note that I haven't seen elsewhere:
  • Largely or entirely outdoors
  • Each of the first four bosses should take 45 minutes to an hour to complete, making the raid very modular in terms of time -- spend an hour, down a boss, stop for the night if you want. This makes casual raiding much more of a possibility.
  • The last two bosses, the Witch Doctor and Zul'Jin, have to be done at once, though.
  • No associated faction; instead, faster boss kills will yield better rewards. "Blizzard fully expects this to become a competitive sport."
In non-Zul'Aman-related news, there has been a loot table design decision over in Irvine:

We were also told about a philosophical change at Blizzard, namely logical loot. Previously, the loot tables were somewhat random. They're not going back and fixing years of content, but now, players can expect creatures to drop things that one would expect. If that bad guy is holding a big, shiny axe, then odds are his loot is a big shiny axe.

This is pretty interesting. There have been some steps in that direction from the very beginning, with animal-type mobs carrying body-part vendor trash instead of coins, for instance, but I'm glad to see more attempts to make the game world coherent.

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