Monday, July 23, 2007

Two Bosses Enter: Ossirian vs. Al'ar

Two bosses enter... but only one will get to leave in WoW Insider's own fantasy deathmatch. We've selected 32 of the most interesting bosses in the game and every week we're matching a pair of them up to see who comes out the winner. In the end, only one boss will remain standing. This week we're going to consider a match between Ossirian the Unscarred for Ahn'Qiraj and Al'ar, the Pheonix God in the Eye of Tempest Keep. If it sounds unfair to you, remember -- we're comparing the fighting style of the two bosses, assuming they're of approximately equal level, health, and damage. Who will win this fight is for you to decide -- but first, let's discuss each bosses' abilities.

First up, Ossirian the Unscarred, the final boss in 20-player wing of Ahn'Qiraj. And don't make the limited number of players involved fool you, he's a tough fight.

First off, he starts the fight in "Supreme Mode" -- where he moves faster than an epic mount and hits harder than usual. Crystals spawn nearby him, which you can click to bring him out of supreme mode, and make him vulnerable to a specific type of spell damage, for 45 seconds. Now, the real question -- would an NPC catch on about how to deactivate Supreme Mode, or would Ossirian simply be in Supreme Mode for the entire fight?

Beyond that, Ossirian can stun the player with aggro, cast tornados throughout the area which do some good damage, has an AoE curse of tongues (slows down casting), and has a warstomp which knocks people into the air (doing both damage and fall damage).

Want full details on Ossirian? Check his page on WoWWiki.
Al'ar may be found in the Eye of Tempest Keep. If you think that must make him a pretty high end boss, you've guessed right. So what makes Al'ar so tough? Well, he has a ranged fire AoE called Fire Quill, which spells death for any player in range, he can spawn patches of fire that do serious damage to anyone who wanders into them, he can summon meteors that do fire damage & spawn adds, and finally, once you kill him -- he comes back for more. He is, after all, a pheonix, though he does only seem to have two lives.

For full details on Al'ar, check out his page on WoWWiki.

So who wins and who loses? That's what you get to tell us. Remember, again, though these two bosses come from dungeons of vastly different difficulty, we're presuming they're approximately the same level, health, and damage output. (Because what's the fun in these fights if we start out knowing Illidan wins in the end?) So let us know your opinion -- who would win?

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