Sunday, July 29, 2007

Petopia refreshed with new code, searchable database

I feel like I keep mentioning Mania's Arcania, but she keeps doing things worth mentioning! This time around, it's a big one: Petopia has received a big refresh-- it's mostly a code update (the site has been brought over into CSS, which will make formatting changes easier, and the information has been put into a real database), but there are still a few navigation changes that might make it easier for you to find the pet of your dreams.

The biggest change is the navigation column itself-- instead of having lots of different options, the column is organized solely by pet family, so to see information, for instance, about all the gorilla pets, you click "gorilla." Easy enough. But those old options aren't lost-- in fact, they're easier to browse, because since Mania's put all the info into a real database, that database is now searchable by criteria. Want to see all the pets that can Prowl, or every pet that eats fruit available in your level range? Plug your queries into the form and get your own customized list. Nice changes, and we're told we can expect more to come.

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