Monday, July 30, 2007

One Boss Leaves: Ossirian vs. Al'ar wrap-up

Last week's episode of Two Bosses Enter was our closest fight to date, with the margin of victory being a scant seven votes. (In case you were wondering whether your votes made a difference, this time it only would have taken a handful of votes to turn the tide.) Ossirian won with 786 votes to Al'ar's 779. Commenters noted that Al'ar would be unlikely to figure out the trick of getting Ossirian out of his Supreme Mode, and when he's moving as fast and hitting as hard as he does in Supreme Mode, he's a tough cookie. And even if Al'ar did kock Ossirian out of Supreme Mode, Ossirian has high magical resistances, and Supreme Mode only makes him vulnerable to one school of magic -- meaning that Al'ar's fire attacks still only have a chance of hurting him.

However, while the votes were close, there's a possibility this matchup was only close because the Ossirian fight is particularly gimmicky -- and not a good one for comparison. (Note: if you see any matchups in our brackets that you don't think work out, feel free to drop me a note at elizabeth DOT harper AT wowinsider DOT com. I'm happy to listen to any suggestions.) However, for the time being, the fight is won and Ossirian is moving on. You can reference our current brackets, complete with nifty linkage, over at WoWWiki, page creation courtesy of Imandir.

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