Tuesday, July 17, 2007

(News)-One Boss Leaves: The Four Horsemen vs. The Twin Emperors wrap-up

In our closest match to date, the Twin Emperors are walking away with a very narrow victory over the Four Horsemen. In fact, they won by only 12 votes -- out of a total of 1700!

However, a victory is a victory. Commenters cite the twins' ability to heal one another as a major deciding factor in the fight -- because while the horsemen can certainly dish out the damage with their stacking debuffs, the twins are capable of so much healing that they might not even notice it.
Later today we'll talk about our next boss fight, but until then, you can take a look at our most recent standings. (Note: These are completely subject to change -- and to keep the fights interesting, the second tier of fights will probably have to be mixed around.)

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