Tuesday, July 17, 2007

(News)-Forum post of the day: Complaints ... from the future!

Vill of Demon Soul has an issue with the yet-to-be-released instance of Zul'Aman: "My guild and I have most of Zul'Aman on farm, but everytime we try the timed quests we always wipe on the Drummer Packs. This is obviously meant for players with significantly better gear than we can get in ZA. Please nerf."

Other players jump on the bandwagon of making up complaints about future content, in a way that makes the thread sort of a microcosm of everything that's ever been posted on Raids and Dungeons:

"Alliance have this encounter much easier with fear ward they don't have to worry about getting feared into multiple packs of trolls."
"Zul'jin deep breaths more after the latest patch."
"OMG the bear mount requires 150 riding skill?!1 WTF were are we goin to get 500g? so many pointles grinds......always screwin casauls.........y u brake gaem blozzard???"
"i heard if you patch through the floor you can go directly to Zul'jin and skip all the trash."
"Nihilum has killed ZJ WTF D&T where r u now? lol ur time has past no longer #1"
"How am I supposed to get a ZA raid together when Arena season 3 loot is 10X better and only requires you to kill a couple nerfed clothies a week which takes like 10 minutes max"
"GG BLIZZ!! I can't equip the Mantle of Zul'Jin because it's too small to fit on my giant orc shoulders!!"
"Would somebody please loot the dang troll hound so we can skin it?"
"Zul'Jin is Mograine's other son!!! Behold Ashbringer!"
Like the World of Cryingcraft, this is a good self-mocking example of the WoW forums. I'd just like to add that WTF, why does Arthas require a 10-step attunment chain? This is a SLAP IN THE FACE to the people who PAY THE SALRIES of BLIZZ EMPLOYES. Thank you.

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