Thursday, July 19, 2007

(News)-Around Azeroth: Confronting Medivh

Reader Joe sends in this shot taken while doing the quest The Master's Terrace, where you're told to go and read a page of Medivh's journal. When you're given the quest, you're told, "Did you know that while other people's journals serve as a record of their memories, Medivh's is literally just that?"

And when you follow the quest's instructions, you're greeted to the sight above, where the following dialog plays out:

Medivh: You've got my attention, dragon. You'll find I'm not as easily scared as the villagers below.
Arcanagos: Your dabbling in the arcane has gone too far Medivh. You've attracted the attention of powers beyond your understanding. You must leave Karazhan at once!
Medivh: You dare challenge me at my own dwelling? You're arrogance is astounding, even for a dragon.
Arcanagos: A dark power seeks to use you, Medivh! If you stay, dire days will follow. You must hurry, we don't have much time!
Medivh: I do not know what you speak of dragon... but I will not be bullied by this display of insolence. Ill leave Karazhan when it suits me!
Arcanagos: You leave me no alternative. I will stop you by force if you wont listen to reason.

...insert cool fight scene...

Arcanagos: What have you done, wizard? This cannot be! I'm burning from... within!

...Arcanagos flies off...

Medivh: He should not have angered me. I must go... recover my strength now...

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