Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Curse joins up with MYM, in both PvP and PvE

Curse has announced that they're throwing their hat in the professional gaming arena with Meet Your Makers, a group that both sponsors and supports PvE and PvP teams. The PvP part of the team, called MYM.PvP, is the "Log" arena team (and they're part of the tourney at BlizzCon later this week), while the "MYM.PvE" group will consist of the Curse guild and their ingame progression.

Now, the PvP side of it is hardly new-- we've already seen quite a few teams get picked up by sponsors, and since Blizzard implemented the arena system, we've seen a few teams, most notably Team Pandemic, rise to the top. But the PvE side is very interesting. Curse says that they're going to get a "significant boost to our PR and Administrative capabilities" from the partnership. On first thought, it doesn't seem very profitable to support guilds making progress in-game-- unlike tournaments, there's no monetary prize awarded for being the first guild to down Illidan.

But in point of fact, there is a lot of mindshare out there to be grabbed by being the first guild to drop a boss-- players are interested in the kills, and therefore sites like ours are definitely interested in reporting them. Seeing a PvE boss kill "sponsored" by an eSports company like Meet Your Makers might not be that far off.

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