Sunday, July 22, 2007

Breakfast Topic: Do some things just make you say "Wha...?"

We all know this is just a game. We know this, and it allows us to overlook several things that would really shock us if they happened in real life. And I don't mean strange blue aliens with tentacles coming out of their chins, or meteors of fire raining down on top of us -- these are standard fare fantasy and we look forward to seeing them.

No, the things I'm talking about are more like this:
  • The big blue alien walks right through you on his way to the bank.
  • Meteors rain down on some people standing by the mailbox -- but they don't seem to notice.
  • Flying mounts go the same speed up and down, unaffected by gravity.
  • A polearm takes up as much space in your bags as 20 bottles of water.
  • Creatures you kill just respawn a few minutes later.
  • Big spaulders and weapons just pass through your character's head as they move and yet there is no brain damage!
Of course this is just a game, and if many of these things were like real life it would negatively affect gameplay, but do you still sometimes look at these things and wish that the experience could be a bit more lifelike? Do you ever wish you could bump into people, for example, or walk over to the stables and actually "mount" your mount? Do you fly your mount straight down and wish that you could pick up speed? Do you look at the map and say... "But, Dun Morogh should be elevated really high, or much farther north, to be so much colder than Loch Modan the Searing Gorge!"

What other odd aspects of this gaming experience would you add to this list?

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