Thursday, July 26, 2007

Becoming a blue

You've thought about it, come on, I know you have: slipping onto the other side of things and working for Blizzard. I know I have, and have honestly applied to half a dozen jobs at the company over the last two years. My friends that have worked in the industry maintain that if you spend all day working at something you love, you will lose that love. I'm not so sure. Just because I worked a summer at Walt Disney World doesn't mean I'm jaded against the park; I still love the Tower of Terror just as much.

But again, I know I have applied multiple times to positions that my resume screams competency for and gotten not even so much as a sneeze from the Blizzard HR. So I guess my question is this: Have any of you out there applied to a Blizzard job and received a reply, perhaps even an interview? What exactly is the secret to getting your resume seen in that mountainous email pile of theirs, even when you follow all their submission suggestions to the letter?

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